Building & Masonry Restoration


Building & Masonry Restoration Services

Interstate Services is a leading provider of building & masonry restoration services. The company uses a careful yet efficient and effective approach designed to restore each building’s façade to its original finish while preventing future decline in appearance.

Though Interstate specializes in the restoration of medium-sized commercial buildings, our specially trained and experienced masonry restoration crews also apply their expertise to other structures. Building types include, but are not limited to:

  • Building restoration
  • Historic building restoration
  • Masonry and concrete restoration
  • Mortar joint repairs and treatments
  • Structural repairs
  • Rebuilding of unsound masonry wall sections
  • Specialize in chemical and high pressure cleaning of all types of masonry surfaces
  • Concrete repair of both vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Exterior sealant replacement and moisture protection
  • Decorative and ornamental metal work – fascias, soffits, domes, scuppers, etc
  • High performance coatings, waterproofing and water repellents

To request a quote, discuss a NJ restoration project, or learn more about masonry restoration techniques, contact our team at 908.756.8200 today!


Building & Masonry Restoration Gallery

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  • Historical Building Cleaning Using Farrow System
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    Masonry Restoration 2
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