Interstate French Drain Installation

If you have a soggy or wet basement, installing a French drain in your basement may be may be your answer. Let Interstate Services Group provide all of your waterproofing needs, including French drain installation. Experiencing water in your basement indicates that the ground surrounding your foundation cannot properly drain, which leads to the water putting pressure on basement walls, causing seepage or flooding in your basement. Let the experts at Interstate Services Group determine if French drain installation is the right choice for your property.

French drain basement flooding installation provide a channel for water to travel through. A French drain runs around the perimeter of your house, and keeps water from entering your basement. Water travels into a gravel-filled trench and then into a perforated pipe at the bottom of the trench. Water travels through the pipe and empties away from your home. Depending on your situation and where your property is, the water can be diverted to the street, a low lying part of your property, a dry well or drainage ditch.

An interior French drain is a great option for your home if the foundation is already established. Interior French drain installation involves creating a channel around the perimeter of your basement. The concrete is cut out and a perforated pipe is laid down all the way around. The water is sent to a collection tank in the floor and a sump pump pumps it out and away from your home. Be prepared and prevent the destructive forces of flooding from ruining your property. Let an Interstate Services professional consult with you and come up with the best option for your needs.

All Interstate services are carried out by expert crews with extensive experience. Interstate uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials and technologies for all maintenance and repair tasks. Our team is committed to exceeding client expectations by matching competitive pricing with unparalleled skill, premium materials and careful attention to detail. To schedule your free consultation, contact an Interstate representative at 908.756.8200.

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