Building & Masonry Restoration


Building & Masonry Restoration Services

Interstate Services Group is a leading provider of building & masonry restoration services. The company uses a careful yet efficient and effective approach designed to restore each building’s façade to its original finish, while preventing future deterioration.

Interstate specializes in the building restoration services of all type commercial, industrial, public and private properties.

Services provided includes, but are not limited to:

  • Building restoration
  • Historic masonry restoration
  • Masonry and concrete restoration
  • Historical building restoration
  • Mortar joint repairs and treatments
  • Structural repairs
  • Rebuilding of unsound masonry wall sections
  • Specialize in chemical and high pressure cleaning of all types of masonry surfaces
  • Concrete repair of both vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Exterior sealant replacement and moisture protection
  • Decorative and ornamental metal work – fascia’s, soffits, domes, scuppers, etc.
  • High performance coatings, waterproofing and water repellents

Expert crews with extensive experience complete all of our services. Interstate Services Group uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials and technologies for all maintenance and repair tasks. Our team is committed to exceeding client expectations by matching competitive pricing with unparalleled skill, premium materials and careful attention to detail. To request a quote, discuss a building restoration NJ project, or learn more about masonry restoration techniques, contact our team at 908.756.8200 today!

Building & Masonry Restoration Gallery

Historical Building Cleaning Using Farrow System
Historical Building Cleaning Using Farrow System
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