Structural and Foundation Repair

Interstate Structural and Foundation Repair

If you have noticed cracks in your foundation walls, now is the time to repair it. Let the professionals at Interstate Services Group take care of all your foundation and basement structural repairs needs. Over time, foundations begin to settle. When the ground surrounding it goes through cycles of extreme moisture from heavy rainfall or snow melt, to drought like conditions in those long, hot summer months, it can cause the foundation to deteriorate and fail. What happens is the soil swells during wet months and shrinks during dry, causing pockets of air or voids to form in the soil which allows settlement to occur. Other causes can be poor drainage or plumbing issues. Structural and foundation damage only gets worse and the longer you wait to have the issue fixed, the more expensive or, in some instances, irreparable it can be.

Some signs of structural and foundation damage:


Cracks in brickwork, gaps around doors and windows, leaning or tilted chimney


Water seepage, cracks in walls, sinking basement flooring, doors and windows that stick, cracks in drywall, misaligned molding and trim

The longer you wait to have these issues remedied, the more costly the repair could be. Our professionals are specifically trained in foundation and basement structural repair work and use the latest technology and equipment to make the necessary repairs. Don’t hesitate! Call today to set up a free consultation. Our team is committed to exceeding client expectations by matching competitive pricing with unparalleled skill, premium materials and careful attention to detail. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call 908.756.8200 or contact our team of foundation and structural experts today.