Basement Waterproofing

Interstate Services Group offers the most comprehensive waterproofing services for your basement or crawl space. Having a dry basement is a top Basement Waterproofingpriority for homeowners. When moisture seeps into your home, you can be left dealing with musty smells, mold growth, and structural damage. Interstate Services Group provides both preventative basement waterproofing and repair work to ensure that you avoid these issues. We pride ourselves on performing quality and long lasting waterproofing and foundation repairs suited to your needs.

Waterproofing is one of the most important and necessary things to do to preserve the foundation of your home. A damp or wet basement or crawl space can result in the loss of valuable living space, foundation or structural damage, and can become a breeding ground for toxic organisms, which can cause detrimental health consequences. Mold, which is a fungus, grows easily and quickly in this environment on anything and everything, from carpets to drywall to ceilings. In addition to mold, dangerous and harmful bacteria and microorganisms thrive in this environment, too. These bacteria can cause many harmful infections and will keep coming back if the space is not properly cleaned out. A wet basement also attracts unwanted pests such as cockroaches, spiders and mice. These bacteria, microorganisms, and unwanted pests can also spread to the rest of the house, unless the basement is cleaned and sealed correctly.

Why Interstate Service Group


Interstate Services Group provides the latest and most comprehensive waterproofing solutions. Our trained and certified team can help you protect your property for the long-term by providing top-notch foundation waterproofing and industry-leading solutions for interior and exterior protection and repairs.


With commitment to customer service as our number one priority, we take pride in our all work and will go above and beyond to meet our your satisfaction. Let one of our foundation experts examine your basement or crawl space to determine the cause of your problem, in order to offer a solution specific to your budget and timeline.

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