Industrial Cleaning Services

Interstate provide professional, experienced, cost-effective industrial and commercial cleaning services NJ for all types of industrial buildings, from warehouses to offices to manufacturing plants. We provide one-time or repeat industrial cleaning services to meet your industry’s needs, and specialty services like machine degreasing, overhead and high-surface cleaning, cobweb and dust removal, HVAC clean-outs, air duct cleaning, vent cleanup and air quality improvement.

Manufacturing plants, warehouses or any other kind of industrial facility, finding good industrial cleaning services is an important factor to keep the facility in the best shape possible to ensure production continues in an organized manner. The same applies to a construction company, hiring post construction cleaning services that keeps a construction site clean for the next phase of construction.

Industrial building cleaning isn’t the same as residential or office cleaning because a manufacturing plant contains mechanical equipment that can include holding tanks, blenders, bins, hoppers, vacuum systems and tanks with agitators and much more. This kind of equipment and facility requires a commercial industrial cleaning service that knows exactly how to clean this kind of manufacturing facility. Special processes, equipment and chemicals are often used in industrial cleaning. This requires qualified, trained and knowledgeable people to perform these services.

Just a few of Interstate’s Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Services NJ Include:


  • Steam cleaning
  • Pressure washing and power auto-scrubbing
  • Degreasing of floors, walls and equipment
  • Overhead, ceiling, rafter cleaning and cobweb removal
  • Concrete floor cleaning, hardening, coatings and treatments
  • Post-construction cleanups
  • Vent and register cleaning
  • Exhaust port cleanup
  • Vacuum and exhaust hood cleanup
  • Machinery and process equipment cleaning

Expert crews with extensive experience carry out all services. Interstate uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials and technologies for all maintenance and repair tasks. Our team is committed to exceeding client expectations by matching competitive pricing with unparalleled skill, premium materials and careful attention to detail. To schedule your free consultation, contact an Interstate representative at 908.756.8200!

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