Farro System


Farrow System

As part of our commitment to green practices, Interstate Power Washing utilizes the Farrow System® to clean a full range of substrates, including:

  • Historical buildings
  • Delicate limestone & other environmentally sensitive structures
  • Metal structures & tanks
  • Smoke-damaged structures
  • Bronze statues & monuments

Proven effective in a full range of industrial and consumer applications, this patented, low-pressure system uses 100% recycled glass. When combined with heat, the eco-friendly blasting solution cleans safely, without damage—and with optimal efficiency. Removing protective coatings, graffiti and other substances with ease, the Farrow System meets the most demanding project requirements without utilizing chemicals or hazardous materials.

The Farrow System has the best environmental and work place health and safety credentials available, utilizing a 100% clean and safe media along with low blast pressures.

Traditional water blasters use approximately 20 litres of our precious commodity every minute. This water, along with contaminants from the surface being cleaned, is then dispersed in large volumes into our environment. The Farrow System uses as little as 0.5 litres of water per minute, dramatically reducing the clean up liability.

To schedule your no-obligation power washing consultation, or to inquire about Farrow System benefits for your next project, please email or call us at 908.756.8200 today!


Farrow System Projects

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